A Legendary Woman Who Escaped the Titanic, Britannic, And Olympic

In the early 1900s, traveling by ship was all the rage. White Star Line was one of the most luxurious shipping lines of the time, catering to the rich and famous. With a reputation like that, you’d probably expect that their ships wouldn’t sink? Well, popularity doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing…

Violet Constance Jessop learned that lesson the hard way. She survived three disasters on three different ships, but all belonging to White Star Line! So who was this lucky (or perhaps unlucky) lady, and what could’ve possibly put her in such similar catastrophes time after time?

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Why Violet wore clothes designed for more mature women 0:57
Her first ship disaster 2:07
On board the Titanic 2:44
How a baby saved Violet’s life 3:43
What happened to the third ship 4:36
Living with a skull fracture for several years 5:40
Bad luck or good luck? 6:39
Mysterious call 8:27

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– Violet Jessop was employed as an ocean liner stewardess with the Royal Mail Line. This was actually unusual for a woman her age. So at her 21 years of age, she purposely wore dated clothes designed for more mature women just so that she could look older!
– In 1911, she started working aboard White Star Line’s RMS Olympic, which at the time was the largest of all passenger ships. This is where Jessop experienced her first ship disaster.
– Violet Jessop was really enjoying her job on board the Olympic and had no intentions of going anywhere else. But everyone kept telling her to apply for a transfer to the headline-making sister ship – they all thought it would be the coolest ship to work on!
– Once on board the Titanic, she did find herself liking the improved servant’s quarters and was happy to still be working with all of her friends.
– The great unsinkable Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage on April 14, 1912 after crashing into an iceberg.
– Jessop was put on one of those boats and was handed a baby to take care of. In the freezing cold of the North Atlantic air, they waited a grueling 8 hours for help.
– The Britannic’s designers had learned from the mistakes of the previous two White Star Line disasters and built this one to be the safest of the three.
– This time, however, it wasn’t due to faulty design or bad planning – it was an unexpected explosion that caused it to sink into the Aegean Sea.
– Jessop received a pretty serious head injury while trying to escape in a lifeboat that was being sucked under by the force of the sinking vessel. Some years later she finally decided to go to the doctor and found out that she’d actually fractured her skull!
– She really must’ve loved what she did for a living since, despite everything she’d been through, she continued to work as a ship stewardess for over 40 years.
– Violet recalled a strange day when a woman rang her up claiming to be the little baby that the stewardess had saved from the Titanic so many years prior! But the mysterious caller hung up before any conversation got started.

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